In Conversation With – Craig Turpie – UK Commissioner for Programme


Late June 2015 we had a great sit down chat with Craig Turpie UK Commissioner for Programme (and also WOSM Council Member) as part of our In Conversation With series.

The interview was about an hour long and covered topics such as the new changes to programme, the scout network changes, badges, activity permits, the cub centenary and his work with WOSM. Over the next few weeks we will be releasing parts of the interview in bite size chunks, at also in full on our podcast channel.

Part D – WOSM What is it & whats your role, international inspirational stories and some advice for WSJ participants and IST.

Part C – Scout Network why are Networks going back to Districts why districts and not groups and even if its working do they they have to change

Part B – Scout Network what are the changes, whats the timescale and finding out more, the three themes and new digital platform

Part A – Whats he been up to recently, whats the reception for the changes like and is 50% outdoor activity right?


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